February 5 solar eclipse astrology

It's going to be messy, wasteful and hard to clean up. A rising crescendo of voices are speaking out on behalf of the country's welfare. The nation is faced with many challenges desperately needing attention, and the dysfunctional state of government is hitting a crisis point under Trump's leadership. In the tumult and chaos of this administration, Trump may very well be doing his job in the larger cosmic picture. Acting as a reflection of many social ills, trickster Trump is mirroring considerable dysfunction that must be addressed in order to move forward into the next decade. In a social environment where the national dialog has become riddled with lies and deceit, this is a time of reckoning.

The fault lines are already visible. The prominent influence of Saturn throughout January, spells out a candid and transparent view of reality. The destiny of the nation rests on these weeks and coming months as the tide turns toward responsible action, and restoration of integrity that is so closely aligned with national identity. From an astrological standpoint, as Pluto continues its slow march through Capricorn , the true purpose of these drastic measures will be revealed.

Pluto serves to dismantle and evolve structures that have outlived their relevance. We can look forward to key turning points as Saturn enters Aquarius in spring , and Pluto enters Aquarius in spring of Like a fire moving through a forest, dead wood is being cleared. Over the course of the next five years, as these heavy weight planets leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius, rebuilding is destined to begin in earnest.

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On the global level, Saturn influence points to dwindling resources for many of Earth's inhabitants, and impending environmental crisis. Governments and corporations are the social structures that support progress and prosperity, but in a multitude of cases, these enormous entities have been neglecting social and fiscal responsibility to the larger whole. The restricting and limiting effect of Saturn can put resources to the test on many levels. Additionally, Saturn's slow, but sure, approach to Pluto, is a key component in the trends for Even though this joining is exact in January , there is building momentum throughout This is the month to pay attention, and watch arising themes and circumstances, especially as the Solar Eclipse acts as the kick-off point for the next 12 months.

Additionally, Sun, Moon and Mercury activate these consequential planets on January 2, 5, 6, 11, 13, 18, To understand the importance and strength of this alignment, it is important to consider Pluto entered Capricorn in , coinciding with an enormous economic bailout.

Solar eclipse of February 5, 2046

Despite what authorities say, the economy is still in flux due to many complex factors. Shortly after this collapse, Uranus entered Aries and aligned with Pluto for a total of seven times through — This very destabilizing and chaotic planetary trend has left many financial institutions, corporations and governments in a vulnerable position. On January 6, closely following the Solar Eclipse, Uranus in Aries stations direct, making its final exclamation point before entering Taurus on March 6. This is a major energetic and evolutionary shift.

Eclipses of the Sun

Throughout the winter months, it is as though the log jam in the river of life is now free to untangle and flow. Over the next seven years, Uranus Taurus will provide an optimal mindset for progress in the areas of investment, finances, and environmental protection. Innovation is the way to go. Known as a Super Blood Full Moon, this is one of the most potent eclipses of the year. Orbiting very close to the Earth, the Moon tends to stir up and amplify emotional reaction. So, the solar eclipse of February 15th in Aquarius is a Universal message: you are a teacher!

We are in a cycle of reformation combined with the upcoming protected healing grace found in the sign of Pisces. So, think outside the box, and move forward with grace. And, be sure to grab a copy of my free eBook; How to Manifest Your Best Life when you sign up for my weekly newsletter. Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars! Back Monthly Horoscope. Astrology Predictions for February 5 5 February Your home life will also be changing. Romance enters on the 9th and 10th.

Can I get a yeah! It will inspire a wave of creativity. An old friendship you let fall by the wayside is on your mind. Time to mend that friendship.

Aries : The beginning of this month has you all about your goals and ambitions. Time to plot and then go after what you want. There is no better time than now. Be thankful and grateful for what you have and weed out what is not working.


New Moon February – Solar Eclipse – Astrology King

This month should also see you forging new territories. Make sure you are grounded on the 28 th. Taurus: People are annoying you or could it be you are just being challenged and it is all in your head? Practice not taking things personally, because by the 9th and 10 th it will all vanish and you are back to your cheery self. Look to socialize this month, but watch your health and do not over do the eating and drinking. If you do hit the gym near the 20 th. Not feeling grounded? Try meditation and getting in touch with yourself.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

If you do what you learn might just surprise you. Gemini: You will feel like Einstein for the first part of this month.

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This is the month of love and if your are not attached you just might be soon with the person of your dreams. If you are attached, look for some steamy seasons that will leave you reeling.

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  6. Near the 8th, express yourself and get what you want. For the most part this month will seem like smooth sailing. Cancer: You are trapped between your intellect and your emotions, but in order to navigate this month, you might want to choose your brain over your heart. I know this is hard for you, but in the long run you will see this was the wiser of the two.

    The PERFECT LUNAR Month according to Ancient Astrology! Solar / Lunar ECLIPSES Feb' 18 with Trifon

    You also need to distress this month. A massage might be nice or if you can go for a swim. You deserve it.

    Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

    Leo: You need to keep your pride and ego in check. Time to have a chat with yourself or you may find yourself on the lonely side. You will need some advise this month so seek help and you just might find that it will lead to some much needed socializing near the 16 th.