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Not really your style. Ruthless activity will actually bring disaster.

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Do not play with dynamite. Keep your cards on the table and be honest and aboveboard. Tread carefully when dealing with members of groups today or possibly a friend because you could end up in serious conflict with others. The more you struggle to get your way, the more likely you will increase opposition to you. Be open!

Your ambition is fiercely aroused today, which is why you are intent on going after what you want. This might be doable, especially because your energy level is high and you will get a lot done.

But if you create conflict with others — all will be lost. Steer clear of touchy areas like discussions about politics, religion and racial issues today because they could be disastrous. If you think you can make positive inroads to introduce your points of view — fine.


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However, this is unlikely. You cannot a force others to agree with you. Any loose ends regarding inheritances, taxes, debt and shared property could create problems. Now is the time when they might trip you up and create a defeat of some kind.

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Whatever happens, do not act ruthlessly or underhandedly. Take the high road, for your own good! Avoid power struggles with friends and partners today because they will be nasty.


Let your pride and your ego go. Best to bow out gracefully so that you can live to fight another day. You have high energy and strong focus today, which is why you will accomplish a lot; however, you will be tempted to be overbearing, especially directing the efforts of others. Go gently!


Be wise. Parents will have to be patient with their kids today to avoid meltdowns, power struggles and hissy fits.

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Likewise, romantic partners should be patient with each other, and not make a big deal about things or try to take a stand. Note: Wisdom is knowing when to hold and when to fold. If you meet with opposition, listen to what they have to say. Be careful and cautious in discussions with others today because they can go two ways: You might persuade people to agree with you; or if you come on too strong, you will trigger their opposition to you!

Go easy on the world, but don't deny your hot, innovative nature.

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If handled carefully, it can bring you great things. Your most rebellious episode could be in the love department in January, so play it safe and don't commit or overcommit to anything. Cleverness, creativity, and playfulness will run high in March.

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