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Their songs and music resonated with the message of the Sixties when many young people were chasing love, peace and freedom. The Star signs also called Sun Signs of the individual members of any group reveal a great deal about their likes, their dislikes, their motivations and the combination of the Sun signs creates a strong group dynamic.

Lennon and McCartney Astrological Comparison

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and Paul McCartney wrote more songs for the Beatles than any other member of the band. He was the lead vocalist, a singer-songwriter and, typical of the multi-faceted sign of Gemini, he was a multi-instrumentalist. John Lennon is one of the most archetypal Librans, the sign that represents the couple ruled by Venus, Goddess of love. Librans are known for their peace-making skills and work best as half of a team. The Lennon-McCartney duo was responsible for some of the most memorable Beatle songs and any recollection of John Lennon must include his relationship with Yoko Ono who was a Sun Aquarius, the humanitarian and eccentric sign of the zodiac.

The famous chorus is one of the most memorable ever and taps into his Libran love of unity and harmony:.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality, and George was the one who was most interested in the Hare Krishna movement and in Indian culture and mysticism in general. In all four of the Beatles joined the Maharishi in India to study a spiritual discipline.

He had replaced Pete Best as drummer in the group and, a typically anxious Cancerian, he worried whether the same fate would befall him early on in his Beatles career. He knew that the key to his success with the group was to join them as people as well as a drummer. This is so typical of a Sun Cancer who likes to create a family atmosphere even in their place of work. The topic of sex or death may be a mental theme for you, as you are often preoccupied with carnal desires or physical fascinations of any sort.

You are strongly intuitive and observant, and may need to acquire knowledge through your own practice rather than relying on traditional educational methods.

Jann Wenner, John Lennon, and the Greatest Rolling Stone Cover Ever | Vanity Fair

You may thrive working in the field of manual labour as you can do well with mechanics. Healing others is another avenue in which you may find success, especially with something involving your hands. You are capable, witty, insightful, clever, astute, and will often speak your mind bluntly and forcefully. Sarcasm and dark humour are right up your alley. You are exceptionally perceptive in comprehending the complexities of human nature and of any challenge presented to you, especially when you must plunge into hidden depths.

However, you are not without your faults and can be argumentative, contrary, inflexible, doubtful, sarcastic, suspicious, and wilful. Mystical subjects may appeal to you. You are patiently loyal to those you love, giving and helpful whenever you are needed. You tend to express your affection through acts of kindness rather than through words or some sort of extravagant romantic gesture.

Lennon, John

There may be insecurity that you are unattractive or unlovable somehow. Your own doubt causes you to become fault-finding in your significant other and difficult to please. You expect your environment to be neat and organised. Developing a way to aid others can help you to counter your tendency to complain and criticise. Despite these tendencies, you are gentle, compassionate, and kind which allows you to do well in professions where you are caring for others. Mars in Libra is a challenging placement and you are often unsure whether you would like to be assertive and dominating, having things within your control or whether you will prefer to avoid conflict at all costs, compromising everything you hold dear in the process.

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If Mars is positively aspected, you will be well-liked by others and enjoy a pleasant social life, especially with the opposite sex. However, if Mars is negatively aspected, others may view you in an unpleasant way and you will find yourself having to defend yourself as well as enduring challenging, unbalanced, unreliable romantic relationships where you manipulate others just for the fun of it.

Either way, you will be strongly drawn to the opposite sex. One moment you seek harmony with others, the next you are baiting them into a rivalry. You strive to find a way to be self-sufficient and speak your mind, while at the same time work with others in a cooperative fashion. Often you become tense due to having to bend to others requests, when you would rather be free to do as you wish.

At times you may find yourself frozen when you are unsure whether or not others will approve of your actions. Regardless, you do not like to be alone. You need to acquire your objectives by connecting to and working with people. Despite your dislike of disharmony, if you believe someone is being taken advantage of, you will speak your mind; this trait may lead to an interest in justice. You will shy away from any sort of extreme behaviour, as you need to keep balance in your life.

You will likely take a steady pace to achieving your goals, rather than over-exert yourself. You are usually diplomatic, observant, eager, and easy to get along with though at times you may be touchy and start debating with others.

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You may need to work on your tolerance and negotiation skills. You strive to benefit humanity using hands-on, concrete methods and materials. As an appreciation for your efforts, you prefer to be compensated with possessions; just saying the words is not enough for you, you want something tangible.

You can be quite giving if you believe sharing will bring about the circumstances you desire. With a tendency towards over-indulgence, you may need to take extra care to curb your cravings. The views you hold are not easily changed and you will usually need large amounts of hard facts before you will be convinced of anything. Disease and physical discomfort are likely to be worries for you.

Material assets find their way to you, though you must be cautious about how you use them or they will prove to be troublesome for you. Weight gain may also be a challenge for you due to your appetite for tasty treats. It will be beneficial for you to learn to restrict your indulgence in sensual pleasures. You are diligent in accomplishing the things you set out to do. Material items may be excessively important to you and you are likely to cautiously set aside more of your funds than you need to. The weight given to these assets is for your own peace of mind, however it may end up that you suffer much anxiety by stressing over possible negative outcomes affecting your security in the future.

It would be best for you to take some time to think about the things that are truly important to you, rather than living in fear of what tomorrow may bring. You tend to be a hard worker who possesses a great deal of tolerance when things may be going slower than you would like them to. Deep down you are a rather serious individual who is very steady with their emotions, keeping them well under wraps.

John Lennon Natal Chart: ASMR Astrology

It may be difficult for you to let certain things go, and you may carry these disturbed feelings for a long time. Being able to trust someone is extremely significant for you. You also have a strong desire to construct something worthwhile. The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few.

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The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. An industrious worker, dutiful and devoted, you are supportive to your fellow employees. Service seems to be an important theme for you, whether this be others being of service to you or you to them.

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You may acquire an obsession with your health and well-being, expecting others to constantly sympathise with you. It is not uncommon for you to be in a leadership position; however you are just as likely to be a subordinate. Be mindful for the tendency to lord over others when in positions of authority.

You always expect that your work will be better than others, though sometimes falsely so. A busy work environment is the best placement for you as you detest wasting time and can easily become disinterested. A perfectionist attitude can create issues with your health as you are prone to tension and anxiety. Stress can be particularly destructive to you and you must find ways to unwind; taking extra care of your physical state is essential with this placement.

This placement suggests being admired and valued by women and you will likely get along best with females in general. Your emotional security is tied to your position in a group setting; you need to feel like you are included, otherwise you will suffer with destructive emotions and insecurities. You may find yourself placing a large amount of effort into humanitarian endeavours as you enjoy nurturing others, especially in group situations.