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Things should change; you may get some surprising help from an experienced person.

Some of you will also be able to focus and work hard. A man or a teacher could appear in your life. Those of you born on the cusp of Leo will really be in a good position. To begin with, you should be having an easy time solving problems.

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You may not be very clearheaded for part of the month; your ideas could be improper or misleading. My advice? Dress up as GWB this Halloween and nobody will know the difference! His political career is based on misleading and saying the wrong thing. Gemini cuspers may feel their jobs are taking up too much of their time. Be happy you even have a job! Look for major mood swings for the first few days of the month, some of you may be under a lot of pressure. Try to keep yourself under control or you may crack under the strain, have a hissy fit and piss off the wrong person.

You might just want to kick back and enjoy life with your friends and family. The month starts out great for most of you. Some of you will also be clearheaded and articulate. Important career opportunities may be coming your way, but that could be a problem if you overwork or ignore everything else in your life. Try to spend a little time with loved ones. And when arguments arise, compromise.

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Yeah, right! Happy Holidays! Watery Cancer is very much concerned with home, family, nurturing and protecting others — and can be your goal throughout life. Some achieve this in the traditional sense through their own family, but many of this sign choose the wider community going into the social welfare system dealing with the disadvantaged in some way. Babies and children are naturally drawn to you.

Throughout life your role will be to create families wherever you go. Your moods fluctuate, and are governed very much by the activity of the Moon in her monthly cycle.

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Can react emotionally, more than with reason. Hoarder and collector, antiques and silver are favoured.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Conservative by nature, and often interested in tradition, history and the past. Strong family connection, one way or the other. The Moon rules emotional response and instinctual behaviour, and can change every few days every month, as she moves through the Zodiac and around the Sun. The Moon has no light of her own, she only reflects what she touches, and reacts to. Each of the 12 signs is represented by a Symbol and if you look closely at these symbols you will see they do reflect many of the characteristics of their sign.

The Crab is the Symbol representing Cancer, which shows a hard outer shell, with a soft underbelly. The Crab also is inclined to run sideways, not head on, at any situation. Also it carries its home with it wherever it goes, and retreats into it at times of danger.

In love, your partner will be by your side, telling you the right words at the right time, helping you evolve and move forward without giving up. The single natives will not hesitate to date many people, to see new faces, perhaps satisfying their desire. Professionally, you will have the freedom to follow your ambition, to go in the direction it leads you, no longer seeking to justify yourself to others. You will finally take charge of your own life. Your present situation no longer suits you, the fear of routine, day after day, will determine you to look for something else.

In love, if you are involved in a relationship, your partner will find you morose, sad, and depressed, and he will feel unable to help you. You will encounter a lot of problems in expressing your desires and needs, and your only hope is that your partner is able to read you like an open book in order to discover them. You will be more susceptible this year, and vulnerable to others, to what they can think or even say.

You will be on your guard, even towards your partner and his way of thinking, but throughout the year, you will learn to relax little! Professionally, you might get in trouble with your superiors, however, you have significant assets on your sleeve that are the results of your efforts and this will tip the balance of negotiations in your favor.

Skip to content Contents. Work with what is here and now, right in front of you. Look at things sensibly, and no one will dare to deceive you. You will be able to achieve the most successful outcomes for yourself. This applies to all Gemini, regardless of the particularities or their place of work. The second period of January will be a bit more difficult for representatives of the Zodiacal sign Gemini. They will already have to divide their attention between several areas.

It will be not only professional and personal life that take their bandwidth but also activities that combine the two, such as corporate parties and downtime with colleagues. To a greater extent, this concerns Geminis who have their own business.


January 15th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Those who work in an organization will already have something to do. During these seven days, your relationship with people born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio zodiac signs will be complicated. During the week you will have more meetings, attend various gatherings, or welcome guests to your home, but unfortunately not all people will be sincere or good-natured toward you.

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This week will be important and interesting for the development of your work or business as it is possible to receive useful information, suggestions or new orders if you are a manufacturer. Generally, Gemini women will have a favorable week to settle monetary affairs related to a state institution or bank. During the week, expect an important conversation or proposal of a financial nature. Men will need to follow and remember their dreams carefully during the week.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 December If you were born under the sign of Gemini, this week your task list will be overwhelmed and will be completed with every passing day. You will be able to achieve or preserve financial stability, and some of you may even fill in your budget with new revenue.